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Quality translations for the lowest price!

You have just made the first step towards a professional translation of your text. But then, what happens next?

For starters, with a sympathetic ear. What type of document would you like to have translated? In which language is it written? To what language does it need to be translated? When does it need to be finished? Are there any special wishes?

Simple questions, at least that is what it seems like. It could just happen that it concerns a translation of a legal document from Armenian to Swahili. And, ah yes; could it be completed quickly?

In what way does the translation agency Translation Kings distinguish itself from the others?

Of course we have a qualified translator Armenian - Swahili for you. And a quick delivery? No problem! But we take it a step further; the translator that we contact for you is also going to be familiar with the legal terminologies in the concerned languages.

That is because we at Translation Kings can draw from our database of hundreds of translators that are proficient in an enormous quantity of language combinations. So we will always find a translator that is proficient in the correct language combination, can start working right away, and also specialises in the subject of the assignment.

Since many of our translators live abroad we can often be of service to you remarkably quickly. If you are heading to bed, a Spanish translator in Buenos Aires will still be working for a few hours and a Chinese translator in Beijing is just about to get out of bed. And even over the weekend the work doesn't stop with us.

Can I really come to you for every kind of translation?

We can answer that question with a resounding YES. Of course we will not do things that are contrary to the law, but other than that you can come to us for all your translation work.

From technical, legal and medical documents up to complete websites (including HTML and PHP files), catalogues, books and very personal letters; Translation Kings is the access portal to all professional translation work.

If desired we can also provide text editing. This could be useful if formulations in the original text are somewhat poor, or if the text needs to be made suitable for a different reading audience.

And also not insignificant; all our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement. We therefore guarantee you complete discretion.

And the costs?

These are much lower than that of our competitors. How is that possible? Because we do not have any expenses whatsoever. We do not work in stately office buildings on walnut desks on high pile carpets, we do not drive in shiny lease cars, and we do not pay out fat bonuses.

All our translators work from home or a different location chosen by themselves. That does not just reduce the costs but it improves the quality of the work. After all, in the environment of your own choice you work best.

Furthermore, we celebrate the BYOD principle: 'bring your own device'. All translators use their own computers and work with the systems of their preference. In our nonexistent office building we therefore also do not have an advanced computer network. Overhead: what is that?

Our clients and you

Featured among our clients are large and famous brands such as Nike, Rabobank, The Red Cross, Novotel and Endemol, but also many small companies and individuals. You can easily join them. Regardless of the size of your assignment you will always get a free and noncommittal offer from us.

A professional translation was never this close at hand.

  • Nearly 40 million words translated
  • A file of 800 native translators
  • Expert in all languages
  • Delivery in every possible format
  • Fast delivery times
  • Free quotation
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
Member of Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in NederlandMember of Vereniging van Vertaalbureaus in Nederland

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